Here at Omega Electrical we provide a complete Solar PV installation service from installation and commissioning to aftercare and maintenance.

The obvious financial benefit to installing solar panels is the reduction in the cost of buying electricity. Based on figures from the Energy Savings Trust the average household can reduce their electricity bill by up to 60%. As energy companies continue to increase the price of electricity, this can amount to a significant saving.

Once installed solar panels make a home cheaper to run and even bring in income. For this reason houses with solar panels are likely to benefit from a distinct rise in value. Potential purchasers will be attracted to the simple fact that your home is energy efficient, benefits from comparatively lower bills and is also environmentally friendly.

In the last few years we have seen some sudden and expensive hikes in the cost of electricity. Global economic problems and worries about the source of our power have encouraged this trend. The simple fact is that our traditional energy sources are running out. As they do so, costs will continue to rise. However, solar power is free and is a resource that is globally available making it seem the most likely source of reliable, cheap and clean energy for future generations. By installing solar photovoltaic power today you can start taking advantage of this free and green electricity, saving money and helping to pass on a greener world to our children.

  • Based on a typical domestic 12 panel 2.5kWp system with a cost of £10,500
  • You will be paid 41.3p per unit generated which equates to £878 per year
  • Save up to £140 on your current electricity bill
  • You will be paid £32 for the units exported to the grid
  • A total income and savings of £1,050 per year
  • System will be paid back in up to 10 years
  • A total profit of £26,250 over 25 years and a return on investment of 9%

If you think a Solar PV installation could suit you get in touch for a free no obligation quotation today by calling 0800 085 5528.